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After a six-years hiatus to start and raise a family, Kim Hee Sun recently returned to viewers with the drama SBS’ Faith. In the August 29 episode of SBS’ Good Morning, the show took time to interview some of Faith’s cast members including lead actress Kim Hee Sun to share their thoughts on the drama and other personal stories. On her return, Kim Hee Sun shared in her interview, “During the six years I was away, SBS’ Secret Garden and MBC’s The Sun and the Moon were such big hits. While watching these dramas, my passion to work again suddenly burst forth. I wanted to [start] but the opportunity didn’t come right away and I had to wait while they worked on the edits for [Faith’s script].” She continued, “As it’s been 6 to 7 years, I thought it would be awkward but perhaps because it was something I’ve been doing for a while but the adjustment came very fast. The staff also helped me adjust.” As for working with Lee Min Ho, she said, “I was concerned that the relationship would come off as awkward since there is a 10-year age gap between Lee Min Ho and me, but thankfully he follows very well and accommodates me which helps us to work well together. I’m thankful [to him].”
don't worry honey, you still got it!
aw, cute~children are great~
@yukias gave birth and raise her daughter?
Kim Hee Sun performing very well in the drama, I enjoy watching her and have much interest to watch her last drama before six years ago, any suggestions? Thx!
so what what she doing when she wasnt acting?
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