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Ju Won finally took off his mask in front of Park Ki Woong. In the twenty-fifth episode of KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Gaksital, which aired on August 29, Ju Won attacked an arsenal and was arrested by Park. Ju Won was late for the office and Park felt impatient and said, “If he doesn’t show up, there will be no way to catch him.” Then when Ju Won finally appeared, Park started attacking him. Even though Ju Won knew that ‘Gaksital’ had been unveiled, he kept spreading false information to confuse the Japanese. Park, however, also launched a counter-offensive and arrested Ju Won. Park aimed his gun at Ju Won and said, “Take off your mask!” When Ju Won exposed his face, Japanese police officers were surprised to see him. Yoon Jin Ho, who was always against him, expressed his anger by saying, “He was Gaksital?” Kim Myeong Soo also said, “What in the world is this? One of my men is Gaksital?” As a result, Ju Won was tortured and interrogated but didn’t say anything about Kim Myeong Gon and Park Seong Woong and made the audience wonder what will happen in the end. Source: TV Report
I'm tryingto find it but idk what website i already tryed viki
try rich man poor woman :)
I am a huge Drama fan so i try to find new dramas im am on my 19th drama this year and almost done so looking for a new one to watch so it might be a good one for my next drama.
Bridal Mask aka Gaksital. It's a very good drama, so intense and dark, but also romantic and have nice action!! Everybody shoul watch it!!
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