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The relationship between Joo Wal (played by Yeon Woo Jin) and the mother of Eun Oh (played by Lee Joon Gi) has been revealed. Seo (played by Kang Moon Yeong), Eun Oh’s mother, asks Joo Wal to bring her a dead body of a woman who has a clean spirit in exchange for making him rich. In the episode of MBC TV’s Arang and the Magistrate that aired on August 29 at 9:55 p.m., Joo Wal stabs Arang (played by Shin Min Ah) to death. Joo Wal moves her body to a dark and remote place in a mountain area, but Arang comes to life again and runs away before Eun Oh’s mother comes. Why did Joo Wal do such an extreme thing despite the fact that he is a son of the most powerful man in the area, Choi (played by Kim Yong Gun)? The reason gets revealed by Eun Oh’s mother. Eun Oh’s mother slaps Joo Wal in the face as Arang’s body disappears. Joo Wal says, “I’m sure that I killed her, sealed her spirit, and left her body in that place.” However, Eun Oh’s mother says, “You useless bum! Do you really think that can be an excuse? Where is the spirit I must have tonight?” She also threatens him, saying, “What did I tell you when I brought you here? I told you I’ll make you rich if you bring me a dead body of a girl who has a clean spirit. Just one body in every fifteen days was enough. Do you want to starve again, eating soup with dirty hands?” At this, Joo Wal begs her on his knees and shakes with fear, recalling his poor childhood memories, being mocked by other kids saying, “You’re nameless. You’re poor.” Viewers are now curious about the reason Eun Oh’s mother disappeared while she was planning to take revenge on the person who killed all her family and the reason she’s asking Joo Wal to bring her dead bodies.