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B.A.P’s new song, “Big Events,” has become a big hit. Released on August 29 at noon, B.A.P’s new song, “Big Events,” ranked in the top ten of the online charts on August 30. As of 10:00 a.m. on that day, it ranked fifth on Mnet and Olleh Music and ninth on Melon. B.A.P are also attracting a lot of attention as the phrase B.A.P’s “Big Events” is currently one of the most searched terms on portal sites. In addition, a music video of the song, which was released along with the audio, is attracting a lot of attention from B.A.P’s fans as it shows B.A.P members visiting a zoo and an amusement park in Malaysia, in which they visited for a showcase, and some behind-the-scenes stories of the music video shoot for “No Mercy.” Composed by the hit song maker Double Side Kick, “Big Events” is a sweet, lively song, created based on a British rock sound. B.A.P will give the first performance for the song on Mnet’s M Countdown on August 30.