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Actress Ha Ji Won will soon launch a bag she designed. On August 30, the fashion brand Hyungji announced that Ha will launch a bag named Ji Won Bag in collaboration with the women’s clothing brand Crocodile Lady. Ji Won Bag has been designed in celebration of the two-year anniversary of Ha’s modeling for the brand. Energized by Ha Ji Won’s Secret Jeans, launched last year, the brand decided to do the second project with Ha. In this project, Ha worked for about three months as a designer. While she was having busy days working and writing, she enthusiastically participated in selecting patterns and materials and finishing, according to reports. Ji Won Bag is made of classy cowhide, so it looks stylish, and it also looks moderately refined with a Y-symbol. In addition, the curved shoulder line makes the whole look comfortable, and it’s even practical for both daily and business use because it has a detachable shoulder strap. Jung So Young, the design director of Crocodile Lady says, “Ha Ji Won participated in every single part of this project from the consumer’s point of view as she was very much interested in fashion and designing bags. We’re expecting favorable responses for Ji Won Bag from a lot of women this fall, like the ones given to the Secret Jean, which was sold out last fall.”
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