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CN Blue topped the Oricon Daily Chart with their first Japanese album, Code Name Blue. On August 30, FNC Entertainment, CN Blue’s agency, reported that CN Blue topped the Oricon Daily Chart with Code Name Blue immediately after it was released on August 29. CN Blue beat the popular Japanese rock band Tokyo Jihen, who ranked second on the chart, by a considerable margin. They’re also attracting a lot of attention because of the fact that artists who ranked in the top ten of the chart are all Japanese artists except for CN Blue. A spokesperson for CN Blue says, “Tokyo Jihen, the GazettE, AKB48, and Dragon Ash, who are all highly popular in Japan, ranked from second to fifth, so it’s even more meaningful that CN Blue topped the chart.” CN Blue will go on a tour of Japan in October under the title of CN Blue Arena Tour 2012 ~ Come On!!!~, making stops in six cities.