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The movie Gwanghae, staring Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo and Ryu Seung Yong, released its poster on August 29. In the poster, the three brilliant actors are posing in great harmony and drawing a lot of attention. Lee shows off his gentle yet charismatic charm in a red king’s robe. Ryu looks powerful while holding king’s robe and portraying his character as a king maker. Han looks elegant and calm as a graceful and strong queen. The suspenseful poster features Lee, who plays the double role of king Gwanghae and Ha Seon. Ryu plays the role of Heo Gyun, who makes Ha Seon into a king, and Han plays the role of a queen, who is loved by the two kings. The movie tells the story of fifteen days of disappeared history when the king Gwanghaegun ruled Joseon. The phrase written on the poster made many people curious about the movie. The movie, which is about a low class person Ha Seon pretends to be the king Gwanghae for fifteen days to protect the king from being murdered by poison, will be released on September 20.
but I think that Joo Ji-hoon is the lead actor in something similar here
A commoner becoming the king is a theme that's all too familiar to us. The story was told in the well-known fable ‘The Prince and The Pauperʼ and this film takes the idea from that and takes it to the 16th- century Joseon Dynasty. The king is the tragic historic figure of Kwanghae. The commoner who becomes the King realizes just what it takes to be a good king. Although the premise may feel like it’s based on real events in history, but the film is a work of fiction. Lee Byeong-heon plays both the king and the commoner and it's his first role in a historical drama since his debut. His queen, who loves her king despite realizing that he's a fake, is played by Han Hyo-joo who showed great potential in "Always". The movie is directed by Choo Chang-min whose other works include "Mapado" and "Lost in Love" and the writer Hwang Jo-yoon co-wrote "Old Boy". Read more at
there are so many tentative titles floating around so its hard to refer to it as one
ohh i just looked it up and ur right!
No I think the English title is I am King or somethign like that
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