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The three flower boys of To the Beautiful You, Sulli, Choi Minho and Lee Hyun Woo transformed into a group of Coffee Prince type baristas. The August 30 broadcast of SBS’ To the Beautiful You will show the three ‘boys’ become baristas of the day for Genie Physical Education High School’s festival. The three have especially drawn interest for their great looks shining in their superb uniforms. Sulli and Choi Minho donned a similar look as neat baristas, while Lee Hyun Woo layered overalls and a black vest on a shirt for a more unique look. In a series of photos, Minho is shown delivering some coffee, gathering interest on who he’ll pass it to. One photo shows he actually gave it to Lee Hyun Woo, who happened to be wearing a tiger costume. He meant to give it to Sulli, who was wearing the costume at the time he decided to give her coffee, but Lee Hyun Woo learned of his plans beforehand, leading to the weird combination. The love triangle between Choi Minho and Lee Hyun Woo for Sulli thus continues. A rep from the production company said, “Sulli, Choi Minho and Lee Hyun Woo, the good-looking flower boys, add some interesting points to To the Beautiful You by transforming into different images. Please look forward to what new events the flower boys of To the Beautiful You will put on in the future.” cr: