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Wait...what? In a recent interview, the Dalai Lama has expressed his opinion that he should be the last leader of Tibetan Buddhism. He has decided that the institution "served its purpose" and that Tibetan Buddhism is "not dependent on one individual." In a more joking manner, he talked about going out on a high note. Because of his popularity and worldwide respect, he'd much rather be the last religious leader than to have the last Dalai Lama be a dud (I paraphrase...) This tradition has been practiced for nearly 5 centuries, but perhaps the reign of the Dalai Lama is coming to its end.
honestly whether or not he can I don't think something that's been established and doing things one way for that long is going to change overnight like that. it's cool to real the article, and I really hope he's able to make people in the religion understand.
It certainly would be an interesting world @peppermintt. The Dalai Lama's argument is interesting because while he is the leader of the religion, does that give him the right to change 5 centuries worth of tradition? I am interested to see how this pans out.
Like @kristenadams this isnt something that would directly affect me, but it would certainly be an interesting world without a figure like the Dalai Lama
I'm not really involved in Tibetan Buddhism, but I know that this Dalai Lama is such an important figure in the effort towards world peace. I wonder if the institution will listen to his opinions...