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Swiss artist Rylsee inspires with some typography twists

I am obsessed with figuring out new ways to play with my name. When I was little, it was simply drawing hearts instead of dots for my lowercase i's. As I got older, and with enough boring classes to sit through, my notebooks soon filled up with all sorts of unique fonts. Once I started going to art school, I was sucked into my Typography classes. Who knew there were CLASSES for things like this? Since then, I always have to stop and look when I see good font styles, whether it's on a package, in a magazine, or somewhere on the internet. Everyone's got that weird thing they're into, right? Ryslee is a Swiss-raised, Berlin-based artist who has made an entire career out of playing around with typography. His finished works are a lot more elaborate, but here I wanted to feature the fun optical illusions he does in (on, around, etc.) his sketchbooks. It's really inspiring and cool to look at!
this is my favorite kind of art, it's so cool and... interactive? is that the right term? idk it's really awesome
@AgentCory I love it too! I think the whole purpose of design is to use your imagination progressively, and this is a great example of that!
아,한글번역좀 ㅎ
Imagine that. Giving characters... some character!
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