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[THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN MADE] Scenes from Episode 8
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@soula81, really, another 2 more MVs,?? Gonna look for them now, thank you. 😘😘
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@soula81 @Ahpheng: FMV of ep 6 was uploaded on another website http://telly.com/ZFVOQ /in case you're interested :D
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@Ahpheng: D'aww much appreciated~ :) /you've driven me up to make my MVs more intuitive β™₯
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Yeah, it is Monday, can't wait to watch Ep 10. @akosieunice, thanks for ep 6 link and big thank you for not including that "long forgotten" 2nd kiss in the MV! That one scene I choose not to remember . Instead of marathoning all the eps, I have been hitting the repeat buttons of your MV.😘😘 @soula81, thanks for the URL.
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