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Over 500 years of preservation now ending because of a museum's broken air conditioning. It's definitely a shame.
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@kristenadams Yeah, they were actually initially made as altarpieces and other items meant for churches, so artists of the time worked mostly with wood. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to maintain the life of a wooden piece for so long.
There is some Van Gogh that has been stabbed a few times. I have no idea why, but people just go into the museum and take a knife to the canvas. As if museums didnt already have enough to worry about when it comes to preserving!
@caricakes what!?!?
@caricakes @galinda I believe you mean Rembrandt's The Night Watch :)
This is so sad, but I guess we can't expect it to actually last forever, right? Raphael is my favorite of that period as well...