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Who Are Today’s College Students? According to some research.... They have buying power: -There are about 21.6 million college students -Total spending by this age group is about $545 billion -$382 billion is non-discretionary student spending, $163 billion is discretionary student spending -They spend the most on food, cars, clothing and shoes, cell phones, and entertainment (in that order) They're tech obsessed: -The average college student owns 7 devices -They spend over 125 hours per week on their devices, with computers and tvs making up the most of that time -In the next year, 35% of students expect to buy a smartphone -In the next year, 27% of students expect to buy a laptop -In the next year, 27% of students expect to buy video games -In the next year, 19% of students expect to buy a tv They consume a lot of ads: -77% say they pay attention to ads on TV -72% say they pay attention to free samples -Between 60 and 70% say they pay attention to posters, contests, radio and print ads -Humorous and ‘creatively unique’ content is what students say garners their interest the most -Video games, movies, and tech products are identified as the most interesting ads to college students What do you think? Are you also obsessed?
@peppermintt I was guilty of the same thing! So much of it doesn't feel like technology at this point, that's how normalized it has become.
At first I thought 'SEVEN devices?!" but then I looked at my phone, laptop, and Ipod sitting right next to me...not to mention my tablet sitting at home.