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Pavel Vesnakov is creating photography in a new way: but blending screenshots with real world photography. Normally, you see a certain image on the screen with video games. With his techniques, however, he hopes to highlight something different. Pavel takes normal screen shots of the games (which he takes with a custom template) and then takes a photo of the screen. Even though that's not the best way of capturing an exactly clear image, that's totally the point. "I am focused on exploring the extreme violence and loneliness that flourishes from video games nowadays", he says, having captured images from games like Dear Esther and DayZ.
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This is a really cool idea, I really want to check out his stuff now!
These are so haunting, and absolutely beautiful! What a creative idea, overlaying a screenshot with a photo of the screen. I never would have guessed these weren't digitally altered landscapes, they look so real! Are these images from one of the games listed above?
These are so spooky!