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Coming at you....sometime...tonight? PS Thanks for all the hearts and followers :) Ah! Episode 3-7 (HD) are on youtube already! This episode starts off with the sisters spending some quality time together (XY can't sleep and TX is still up thinking about YF). Of course the conversation topic is about TX's 'unlikable' fiance. XY believes a real relationship needs more shinship ( lol! her idea of shinship is holding hands and kissing (blush! on the mouth )). Since the conversation keeps going around and around, TX offers to take XY to visit her petting zoo. While they are sitting outside petting the mini white bunnies, XY notices big sisters arms are starting to blister. ( This is pretty realistic, because UV rays are always present, even at night.... that's why TX's condition is so bad...she's not supposed to be outside-ever!) The next morning, XY sneaks off to visit granny ( who happens to also be trying to sneak out of YF's house :) Unfortunately, while the two are chatting about the new house ( and how distant YF is....) TX is looking for XY; and sneaks out of the house ( during the DAY! ) to look for her younger sister. Unfortunately, after a few steps, she collapses near the side entrance. When she's found, she has burns on her arms already. "Does it hurt?" XY asks, " Everyone wishes they could be healthy; (but I know I never will be;) this kind of pain isn't something most people can understand" TX replies. Taking the comment likerally, XY burns herself on a water kettle " to understand Big Sister's Pain" Later, Grampa finds a letter written by XY's Mom ( bio aunt) and she confesses her guilt , desire for forgiveness and her love for XY. While I'm certain, Grampa has never begrudged his daughter for keeping XY, I think he finally understands why she felt like she needed to keep running - so she could continue to raise a child she loved as her own biological child. In the next scene we see TX walk into the dining room and throw herself into a chair ( ah! it's XY with a wig on! ) Since it's the same actress playing both sister, I'm not surprised, but there is some definite foreshadowing of future 'drama'. She sits straight up when YF walks in with her "homework" - a stack of Business books that she needs to memorize! (yuck!) but luckily, Grampa comes in to take her 'meet her parents' At the family shrine, XY doesn't know what to say to the strangers who gave birth to her. She remembers the hard times with her aunt ( who left her husband, because she didn't want to go home to ask for money). Granny and XY are at last parting ways with their old life, everything has been cleaned out and Grandpa takes possession of his daughter's cremated remains. Even the "husband" shows up to say one last goodbye, this moment is pretty touching but SOMEbody (YF!) gets testy and tells XY it's time to go. As they drive away, 'husband' runs after the car, but gets lost in dust. "Now that we're offically a family, I will do everthing in my power to give you the happiness that you deserve" says grampa. XY remembers the day she and her mom decided to leave their "bad person" dad and replies, " it's okay, I've always had a happy live-and now things will get better" That night, TY has to go to the office to meet with GM Jin, but he's not there! One of the female office managers says that he's not here ( it's so late, he couldn't wait for you, Like the rest of us have to...). During this time, TX's 'sun screen' alarm goes off and the manager asks what it's for. TX replies cooly that it's for her skin care regime ("yeah right!") . TX further half-lies by saying, "2 hours is the limit of a skin care application, I have a special brand which works best when applies consistantly. You should really look into taking care of your skin, since your career is SO stressful" (LOL, love that she can insult and give advise at the same time) While XY wanted to help Granny settle into their new home, YF demanded XY completed her lessions. Her lesson for the day; name brand recognition! Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, ( and that's other brands that wanted to sponser? ) XY, for her part feels that the they are all
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