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California’s new “Three Feet for Safety Act” is about to take effect. The law Gov. Jerry Brown signed a year ago requires cars to keep at least 3 feet from cyclists when passing. The version that will take effect does not allow drivers to cross a double-yellow line to pass. If they can’t abide by the new 3-foot rule, they must slow to “a safe and reasonable speed” when passing. Vetoed versions of the bill allowed drivers to cross double-yellow lines to pass bikes at a safe difference.
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Wonderful news, and way to go California!
@amog32 I'm not sure about the correctness of not being able to cross the line, it may have something to do with California's winding mountain roads. If people were allowed to cross a double yellow on a blind turn, they could be in danger of a head on collision and not even know it. @asparagus It is law in most of the 50 states, this particular law is just a bit different than most. The fact that motorists are required to wait instead of crossing a double yellow is new.
I thought this was a rule already!
We already have it in Florida. Its doesn't help much...
this is awesome, I know a lot of people that talk about leaving three feet and stuff so I'm glad it's becoming law a lot of places. maybe this will help encourage people to ride more?
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