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After so many months where media, owners, players, and even Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, have defended Ray Rice for allegedly only defending himself from is wife, he has been cut and banned indefinitely. There are now several writers condemning the whole process, such as Jason Whitlock of ESPN, and calling for Roger Goodell's head. The media says that the NFL failed to react. They say that the Ravens failed set an example by reacting so slow. They say that the police did nothing in stopping the farce that was Ray Rice's fiancee's public apology for provoking the "self-defense" attack. Yet, who criticizes the media for their support of Ray Rice, and blatant hypocrisy. They were the first one's to protect Rice's reputation. They were the ones to defend the idea that Rice, a professional runningback known for his strength, needed to knock out his fiancee to defend himself. Some writers even made it an issue of race, which still baffles me... Where are those opinions now? How come no writer picked up on how incredibly bizarre this story was from the beginning? I do believe that the NFL needs to answer, as do the Ravens. But why do we keep giving a free pass to the media? They control so much but are rarely ever held accountable for their role in these things. This is the not the first time, and it will not be the last. Too bad that this woman was humiliated, beaten, and forced to apologize just so that the boys club that is the NFL can protect its image. Too bad even the NFL reporters act in as disgusting manner as the NFL. Too bad it is not the first time, nor will it be the last. My question, though, remains: Who will finally hold the media accountable?
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