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These are more pictures I took from my Front Porch.. They turned out well even with the clouds moving in....Which on this card start LOOKING TO SEE IF U MAKE OUT ANYTHING AMAZING!!
These are stunning @Acetaker! Did you have to use a special lens to zoom that far in?
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Great shots!
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@pixiedust TY Very Much!..I just used my camera on my phone,and zoomed in 1X at a time to catch the difference til I got to 4X . O thought we were going to have clear skies,so when it first got dsrk I took a few shots. Then about 1030 pm(Alabama Time :) ) I took all the others with the clouds and I never saw the Images until I was going threw them, and I was in AWWW as well ! They really made me think !
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@caricakes TY.. as I told @pixiedust I was in AWW!! too!!
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