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This is 3rd of 4 of the Supermoon Pictures...I was just going to take few shots from the beginning of dark until about 10 pm(Alabama Time). While I was looking I was.... Enlightened by the Site on the pictures as reviewing them and I DIDNT SEE IT AS I WAS SHOOTING THE PICTURES! :)
@Acetaker that's a good point, I'll remember that ^^ I'm from PA actually
@AgentCory :) There is never a stupid question! I was taught if you dont know... Ask,thats the only way you will know or learn something that is new to you. : ) I never asked you...Where are you from? I am from Alabama,I guess yoy figured that with my posts. :) ♡♡♢♢♡♡
@Acetaker oooh, cool! thanks, sorry if that was a dumb question ^^;
@AgentCory Hi.TY! A Super Moon is the brightest moon of the year. Its when the earth and sun are at the closest and cause the effect of the"Supermoon."
that's really cool looking! but what's a super moon? O_o
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