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This is 3rd of 4 of the Supermoon Pictures...I was just going to take few shots from the beginning of dark until about 10 pm(Alabama Time). While I was looking I was.... Enlightened by the Site on the pictures as reviewing them and I DIDNT SEE IT AS I WAS SHOOTING THE PICTURES! :)
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that's really cool looking! but what's a super moon? O_o
@AgentCory Hi.TY! A Super Moon is the brightest moon of the year. Its when the earth and sun are at the closest and cause the effect of the"Supermoon."
@Acetaker oooh, cool! thanks, sorry if that was a dumb question ^^;
@AgentCory :) There is never a stupid question! I was taught if you dont know... Ask,thats the only way you will know or learn something that is new to you. : ) I never asked you...Where are you from? I am from Alabama,I guess yoy figured that with my posts. :) ♡♡♢♢♡♡
@Acetaker that's a good point, I'll remember that ^^ I'm from PA actually