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French artist Levalet fills the city walls of Paris with monochrome characters playing on the elements and local urban terrain. The artist uses India ink on white craft paper to create his collages, which are occasionally augmented with real books to present a sense of irony in the scene.
@Spudsomma They tend to last a little longer than you'd think due to the nature of the adhesive, but ultimately, the paper's going to whether with time. I've noticed that smaller pieces tend to last longer, but it could just be a matter of surface area.
@pixiedust Yeah! Pretty much. A lot of artists who do this use a special rice-based paste that's pretty cheap to make at home and then go out and hang it up sometime overnight. It's become a really popular style of street art in a lot of cities because it requires less time actually being out on the street. (But it's still very, very illegal!)
I love paper street art! I watched a documentary on Shepard Fairey once and was so amazed by how quickly he could get his art up!
@danidee, do these just wash away? They're so cool, it's hard to think that they're ephemeral!
The piano girl is really great, I wish I had stuff like this where I live!
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