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Sure, preparing a bowl of ramen for lunch might not be too tricky, but have you ever tried knitting one? A Japanese artist who creates YouTubes under the name 'betibettin' has produced this short but fascinating video showing us how to do exactly that. The final product looks good enough to eat!
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This is so cute! I dont know what I'd ever use this for but SO cute!
@honeysoo Maybe we could give them as gifts? hahahhaha
@onesmile @honeysoo I was wondering the same thing. It's sort of a strange piece of art to put on display. Maybe you can just keep in on your kitchen table when you're on a diet/juice fast and pretend you're consuming it with your eyes hahaha
@danidee hahahaha that would be effective at making me even hungrier I think XD
That is super awesome! It made me feel very hungry after seeing it. LOL. XD