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Here's some great street art creations by TUCO, a French street artist who covers the walls of the city with pretty stencils on wood and collages of personified animals. I personally love how these animals, despite the fact the idea of crossing them with humans is really imaginative, usually tend to keep pretty natural and almost apathetic poses.
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I love the ones placed on books. It makes them that much more interesting!
These are all so funny, I love the stencil work :)
these are really cool! I like that they're sort of monochrome. are they just paint or spray paint?
@AgentCory You know, I'm not 100% sure but I'm assuming it's spray paint, but only because I feel like most people who opt to use stencils in street art prefer spraying over having to manually paint everything in. It's just a more efficient way to work.
that last chimp is too cool!