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Straight Man on: 'Is Being Gay A Choice?'
Hearts and minds are changed one person at a time. But this shows that one person with his heart in the right place can make a difference.
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My initial reaction was anger too. That's so horrible.
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How is that there are so many people unwilling to just...see the facts? It's so upsetting to see the number of people who would choose to be something they're not just to avoid hate....its sad.
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Pretty sad story. Good news to come from it, the kid's boyfriend set up a GoFundMe account in his name to help support him and he got like $90k in donations. Apparently his local community has been very supportive of him as well
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@TeamWaffles that's awesome to hear! Hopefully this video and videos like it will inspire people to get over their ignorance.
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oh my god, I hadn't seen that video and watching those clips was so hard... I can't even begin to imagine that, that's so awful :( I'm glad there's people like this guy and apparently the kids bf to help, no one should ever be treated that way
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