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Internationally celebrated French-born chef, Alain Ducasse, is making waves in the culinary world with his recent restaurant refurbishment in Paris. He’s taking veal, duck and steak off the menu! The chef is re-opening his three-star restaurant at the luxury Plaza Athénée hotel with a largely organic produce menu. Though he will still serve fish, seafood and some meat, his choice to elimate the other animal products is a big step that will hopefully urge other restauranteurs and chefs to follow suit in serving more organic, plant-centric fare. For more info, read the full article that I linked!
This is a huge step for France, and hopefully for other countries as well!
Very cool!
wow I hope this does well, trying to make a restaurant more environmentally conscious sounds like something that could do really well even in the US
I wonder what the reaction will be! Good to see the move towards healthy and sustainable eating!