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when time plays its game nothing remains the same the love and bonds they shatter you can't even hear them clatter as much as you try to adhere Materializes your greatest fear The fact that you have to cleave Is revealed to you when he leaves Your heart aches, your soul burns But never does he towards you turn You hold your breath, as you see him go You accept it, thinking fate has something else in store You let him go, though both suffer He goes thinking, “I am hers” But when the parting takes place You show nothing on your face You say goodbye with a distorted smile You feign to but strong, but just for a while Because once he has left You have nothing to do but fret And in the silence of his absence You feel the pain thence The empty spaces grieve his departure You know you will be alone hereafter You sense his aroma where he used to be You look around, though him you cannot see He is gone but in the silent room You pray to god that he comes back soon But as the night grows darker Your face turns pale and your throat dries And in the quiet of the lonely night One can hear your muffled cries Cry that speak of your pain And your calling out to him in vain Your desire to be with him The longing that is deep within The tears that flow down your cheek Your breaking down, feeling weak Your muffled cries that echo all night long Your whispering to yourself that is almost prolong Your consoling yourself that he’ll return Your attempt to stay calm while your inside churns The misery in your eyes The helplessness in your sighs The hopelessness in your voice The muffled cries are the only noise Any soul may weep On feeling your pain so deep But the cries will never stop Even if you pawn all that you’ve got Because his return is uncertain In days to come, you may never see him These muffled cries will forever be heard For a stranger, they may be absurd But this is true love between two souls apart They may be far away but one are their hearts.
it took me too long i guess..had to drop by the hospital to see a sick cousin!!
ok, i myt b sdil on so yeah, tho c ya :)
gotta go..need to drop my aunt home..see ya!!
i mostly write when m studing!! lol
lolz, i wos lawfn wen i wrote the frienship 1 because i had the pages open on the book but thn i wos like, mmmm nah... so i jus made up anithing tht jus came to me, lolz :D
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