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The way you care for me Makes me feel secure You say you’ve felt this way forever But I’ve never felt this way before Never have I been pampered Never has anyone struggled to make me smile Someone asked me if I’ve known you forever I say it has just been a while You make me feel things I’ve never felt before From titters to jitters, from anxiety to fear From uncontrolled laughs to eyes all sore My emotions are all heightened My pain is deep and my smile is wide I was always scared of getting lost But now you’re always right by my side I wonder if I had never met you I would never have learnt to live You say you would have found me anyhow Because it was always meant to be like this We were destined to meet We were meant to be together You had to walk into my life As we were made to complete each other
that was beautiful!!! thank you for sharing (^_*)
wow..that day wud b worth celebrating!!
lolz, i guess thtz waht happnz wen we meet sum1 hu has most thngs in life, well common, :D
you both are sweet...^^
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