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Part of the new “skywalking” trend sweeping Russia, groups of young people are defying death and illegally scaling buildings around the world to take the most incredible, heart-pounding, vertigo-inducing, one-of-a-kind shots of cities from vantages rarely seen.
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These are insane. I dont think I'll ever be taking one, but they're rad to look at!
3 years ago·Reply
WOW I definitely am nowhere near brave enough to take one, but these are stunning.
3 years ago·Reply
Those shots are absolutely breath taking, but that's so dangerous! How do you even get into a hobby like this?
3 years ago·Reply
seems you just climb, and climb, and take pics, and avoid cameras in buildings, and guards, but once you get to the top of higher areas im guessing all ya need is a chute and just base down
3 years ago·Reply
@currentlyevil I never even thought about how they get down! I've seen a few videos of people base jumping down but idk if all of them can! (
3 years ago·Reply