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OMG, found the full translation of ep 9 preview and just gotta share with RMPW vinglers! Dailymotion link: Makoto’s apt H: Can I stay with you? M: EHHHHH At the temple M: Will he be able to open up his heart to me? Monk: You have to break down his walls. At the beach. M: We have to fight (?) at the conference meeting tomorrow in order to discuss our new business venture. Setting up new office. M: Ok ok. Hyuga Toru will be successful no matter what!! NI Office Asahina: I’m now in a place where everyone can recognize me (?), I’m excited for this! Bakery M (voiceover): Are you going to be like this all day long? H (lying on the table lol): I don’t want to do this… New Office? Yoko pleading to Hyuga: There is evidence of the person responsible (?) for the information leak. Coffee Shop. A: Can you stay a bit longer? M: Uh…. Outside coffee shop Yoko: Do you understand now? It won’t be good if you keep going on like this (????? not sure about this sentence…she said the results won’t be good or something. blah whatever it’s just Yoko yammering hahah =p) New office… T_T M: You don’t trust me? H: You’re also gonna leave me anyway… T_T NI Wall A: It’s gonna be very clean ne. The accountant dude (I forgot his name): So you want to erase everything related to Hyuga Toru? New office M: Don’t worry, we’re never going to leave you. (YAYYYY XD) Asahina at the press conference…something something about personal file project A: The things I do is not satisfying??? New office Hyuga holding the paper “I will break down Hyuga Toru’s walls” H: Since you already tore it down, you’re gonna be responsible. (ooooooohh kekeke) Make sure you can handle it (??) Got it? M: HAIIIIII Cue Kiss scene wheeeeeeeee. Show you better not be trolling us!!! Source: ineedromancetoo @tumblr
today is Monday in Japan ^-< . Are you ready? :D
only two more days ^^
just patiently waiting here for next episode.thanks somnia
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! :D Can't wait for episode 9!!!