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10 more of the best best lakes of 2014. Have you fished any of them before? 90. Lake Dardanelle, AR 89. Lake Strom Thurmond, GA 88. Neely Henry Lake, AL 87. Lake Murray, SC 86. Chautaugua Lake, NY 85. Flaming Gorge Reservoir, WY/UT 84. Chequamegon Bay (Lake Superior), WI 83. Lake Bastrop, TX 82. Lake Charlevoix, MI 81. West Okoboji Lake, IA
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NY represent! I did a lot of fishing at chautaugua growing up. good lake.
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flaming gorge reservoir looka beautiful!!!
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@dougjohnson You're from NY?
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@mcgraffy nah but my grandparents lived there while I was growing up
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