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Vaseline: - Can be used as a makeup remover, lotion, hair conditioner, and even blush! Apple Cider Vinegar: - Skin toner, detangler, and wart remover! Coconut Oil: - Deodorant, smooths skin, and lip gloss!
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I really want to try to use coconut oil as deodorant now, but I'm scared if someone finds out they're going to think I spend my free time rubbing various pantry items into my pits. Still going to try it anyway!!
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my best friend uses it for alot of things. she puts it on as a hair conditioner, lotion, skin rashes and a lot of other stuff. BTW @danidee she has used vinegar and baking soda for deodorant. She swore by it
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@TammyPruitt It's amazing how people are able to even come up with diy solutions like this!
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Love these tips! Thanks @galinda ~
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ohhh interesting
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