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Beauty Hacks: Vaseline, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Coconut Oil
Vaseline: - Can be used as a makeup remover, lotion, hair conditioner, and even blush! Apple Cider Vinegar: - Skin toner, detangler, and wart remover! Coconut Oil: - Deodorant, smooths skin, and lip gloss!
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I really want to try to use coconut oil as deodorant now, but I'm scared if someone finds out they're going to think I spend my free time rubbing various pantry items into my pits. Still going to try it anyway!!
my best friend uses it for alot of things. she puts it on as a hair conditioner, lotion, skin rashes and a lot of other stuff. BTW @danidee she has used vinegar and baking soda for deodorant. She swore by it