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Yes it’s true, everyone’s favorite pixelated building and adventure game is on it’s way to being bought by Microsoft. Although the deal isn’t sealed yet, this would explain Mojang’s recent decisions to disallow certain types of online (MMO) servers, and the ability of players to sell goods in-game. Personally I agree with the article's take that the timing is a little strange, since Minecraft just became available for the Playstation. It might have made sense for Microsoft to move on this deal before their competitors for a slice of the pie. Overall though I hope that this buyout will be good in the long run, and will mean faster updates and improved gameplay.
hmm. I'll wait to judge this one until some more is confirmed...
That is some interesting news. I wonder how Microsoft would handle the marketing of Minecraft
@pixiedust hopefully the buyout will mean that updates are better? right now Mojang has been running updates pretty slowly, and they aren't usually the best content wise. with a big name company like Microsoft calling the shots and keeping them accountable the hope is updates will be better, so I guess the tl;dr is we hope yes? ^^; hope that helps
I've never played, but a lot of my students and even my husband play. I wonder if Microsoft will be changing anything with the game?