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1. Know the right form. If you aren't running properly, you'll be working harder and getting less of the rewards. Try building up your stamina before starting to run. Go on walks or hikes, and increase the distance until you feel comfortable walking at a brisk pace for 30-60 minutes. Once you're ready to run, remember to take each step with the balls of your feet, not your heels. 2. Don’t start off too big. Don't go for the 3 mile run on your first day. Try a half mile run and half mile walk. One mile at a light jog. Don't push yourself too hard! 3. Get good music. Playlists are essential for a fun run. Pick 40 or so songs that can motivate you to keep moving. Think fast tempos, great hooks, and anything to keep you on your toes! 4. Take it outside. Running on a treadmill can become boring FAST! Run outside to train yourself on hills, breath some fresh air, and enjoy the weather. Best of all, no matter how far you run, you still have to walk (or run!) back home. You'll probably end up exercising more if you're out and about! 5. Download some fun apps. Map and track your runs! According to Lauren, "The Nike+ Running app is my personal favorite because it tells me how long I’m going, how fast I’m going, how many calories I’m burning, and even lets me select a playlist from my iPhone to power up my run." 6. Know the benefits. Running pumps blood throughout your body and brain, gets your heart rate up, releases endorphins, helps you sweat out toxins, and builds strong leg and abdominal muscles. Once I understood that running did all those things for my body, I began to love sweating it out regularly.
I love tracking my runs and walks. I usually use MapmyRun!
@kristenadams I use that all the time! Even when I want to look at how long it will take me to walk somewhere :)
I despise running on treadmills. Running outdoors is good for the soul!
Workout playlists make or break a workout!