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Oculus of Oculus Rift fame just announced their latest design at PAX, the Gear VR. The new gadget is in collaboration with Samsung and will incorporate the Samsung Note 4 smartphone. The Note 4 slots into the front of the headset and becomes the screen for the virtual console. Gear VR is different from the Oculus Rift in that you aren’t “tethered”, meaning there aren’t any cords connecting you to something. Unfortunately the trade up is the Gear VR has a less powerful CPU (since it’s not a full computer, just a phone). Personally I’m really excited to see how BOTH the Oculus Rift and the Oculu Gear VR develop. Virtual reality consoles have been in progress for years and it’s cool to see how quickly their developing now.
I know gadgets like this are mostly used for video games and stuff, but I have to wonder with these amazing technological advances what other ares they'll improve as well. I'm sure fields like medicine, education, even space exploration could benefit from this type of technology. Maybe I'm just dreaming though.
Interesting, I wonder how much it's processing ability suffers from not being tethered. I'm also curious what direction competitors will be taking their efforts in VR. I know Sony is working on "Project Morpheous" but no word on specs yet. It will be interesting to compare Oculus with the rest, they seem to have the jump on everybody but I'm not sure the first mover advantage will really play a key part. FB backing may help them compete though.
@pixiedust I hadn't thought of that but yeah this type of thing can probably have a lot of different application outside of gaming!
@TeamWaffles I'm pretty curious too cause it's only really got the processing power of the phone, but then idk how powerful the phone is? I haven't heard much about Morpheous, should probably look that up XD