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To Make: Puree fresh or frozen strawberries and mix in a small amount of filtered water. The consistency should be thick but pourable. Fill ice cubes trays with the puree and place in the freezer until frozen. For the basil flavored ice cubes – fill the ice cubes trays half way with filtered water and place in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Remove and top the partially frozen cubes with fresh chopped basil, then fill with additional filtered water as needed. Place back in the freezer until frozen.
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Oh! What a great idea @GetFitwithAmy!!
These sound so refreshing and wonderful, perfect for a hot day!
I wonder if you can do this with watermelon and mint too!
This is my first time learning about freezing herbs as ice cubes! Interesting!
@danidee that sounds like a yummy combo too!