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I got this question from a new yakker: "I tend to fish a lot with live bait, whether freshwater or inshore and I need some kind of option for keeping bait alive. What are you live bait guys using for a bait well? Right now I am focused on keeping shrimp alive, but in the spring it will be used for minnows as well. I have several insulated aerated bait buckets, but far too big for the yaks." You've got two main options for a live bait well: 1) Buying one! 2) DIY! This is definitely possible: see the first video to learn how. Another option is to get one of these (see picture 2). You can keep both shrimp and minnow in them, they float in the water, and they keep the best water (from the water itself!) circulating so you don't have to worry about losing your bait.