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With the NFL reeling due to the Ray Rice story, Devon Still and the Bengals have provided a much better story worth covering. In a game where teams are always trying to gain an edge (Patriots and spygate anyone?), the Bengals decided to forgo their NFL acumen to help a little girl and her father. Incredibly enough, the story is now making waves around the NFL with Devon Still's jersey now becoming the most successfully sold Bengal jersey EVER. More incredibly, all proceeds from the jersey -- it costs $100 and is only sold through the Bengals -- will go to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital's pediatric research efforts. Another great sports story. I just hope little Leah gets better soon!
This is news I like to hear. I hope that Leah has a speedy recovery!
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That's so heartwarming and truly inspirational!
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Best wishes to Devon and his family
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wow that's really cool, I hope people hear about this and support the hospital themselves too
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