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Interesting piece that raises a lot of questions I've asked myself before! Why did we start fishing from our kayaks? Could we not afford boats? Did we like the "human powered" aspect of our moving? Less impacting on the environment, with less gas waste? What was it? I find myself agreeing with this article: it's not necessarily that we couldn't afford boats, but that we no longer wanted gas-powered boats. As pointed out, there are more and more kayaks aimed about being a "toned down" boat: they're motor propelled, but don't quite make it to the "boat" category. Are all kayak fisherman going to become those that want a sort of go-between until they can afford a bass boat? I don't necessarily think so: I think there will always be guys like me out there. Guys that just like being on the water, moving ourselves along. I like kayaking and I like fishing, and I love doing them together.
@mcgraffy @happyrock @spudd good to hear; thanks all
I've always done my fishing and kayaking separately, not that i kayak much. It makes sense as to why people moved towards kayak fishing though. Cool share!
you do it for the same reason I'll try! because I love kayaking and fishing
I wanted to ask you this before too; why you chose a kayak. I personally use a small boat (really not fancy...) but wouldn't really want a kayak thats got a motor and all that