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For anyone planning a wedding I cannot recommend this site enough. Had my husband and I known about it while we were in the planning process it would have saved us hours of headache. Wedding Wire lets you research local venders and find reviews from fellow brides and grooms so you know what you’re paying for. They offer free web hosting for simple wedding websites, and a lot of other features. The goal of the site is simple "helping people planning events find the right merchants to serve them." The attached article shares some background information on the company, as well as the founder Timothy Chi who had the idea for the company while planning his own wedding.
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So, sort of a wedding Yelp? Sounds like an awesome service :)
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Almost exactly like that @peppermintt! You get to hear real stories of people. I'm recommending it to all my non-married friends actually.
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@pixiedust Thanks for this! How have I not heard of this? I am kinda awestruck. Going to investigate this further. I may create another post about this later. Thank you!
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