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I can't share the full impact of this story: you've gotta read it. CNN Journalist John D. Sutter spent three weeks trying to kayak (and walk) down the “most endangered” river in America, California’s San Joaquin. He learned that it is impossible. The hundreds dams in the United States, as well as the conditions that we have put rivers through in the past 100 years have killed many rivers in America, and the San Joaquin river is arguably the most endangered one. And yet, it is one of the most important ones: nearly 40% of the fruits and veggies produced in the USA come from farms fed by this river. And those farms are part of whats killing it. I can't give you the same impact that Sutter can: follow his videos and photos in his story, and immerse yourself in the river with him. If you're lucky, you'll make it to the sea.
What a tale! I love the formatting he used @happyrock thank you for this find. Amazing tale, really. Who cares about things beyond their own lives? He does. Splendid writing as well; I couldn't stop reading.
@happyrock I think it could! The story is interesting enough and since the author himself wasn't all that aware of the problems he would be facing, I think the reader can relate. (Especially, I think, to his lack of experience).
@greggr It definitely is a really appealing style; hopefully it teaches even those not that interested in the environment to be more careful
@pixiedust There's actually quite a lot. theres dozens of rivers, a few lakes, forests etc.. .
I had no idea a river could be endangered, but wow that story is hard to handle. I'll have to be more conscious of this now, are there other endangered landmarks like this?