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I'm not sure I totally agree with these findings. The uni knot would probably break at the bends or cinch, the albright if tied probably would break at the cinch, if not then the mono will slip out. If tied properly the albright compresses the line much less than the uni2uni and therefor retain more strength, right? What do you guys think? @ryan88argo @dougjohnson
yes sir that's the truth
I have never tied lines together if I do a leader I use a swivel but I rarely use leaders unless a fish a Carolina Rig, but even then I usually use a Carolina Keeper. I went to a bassmaster tournament they had in Fort Worth Tx when I was a kid and they had one of those machines there. They were testing knots with 10 pound mono and I sat there and watched grown men go up and tie knot after knot and they would all break before it reached 10 pounds of pressure. So I walked up and tied the Ole faithful palomar knot and it broke at 16 and a half pounds and won a Berkley hat lol I got 3 or 4 autographs from pros on it and still have it to this day.
@mcgraffy I only really know a few knots like palomar and so I really need this?
@ryan88argo Man thats awesome!!! way to show them that the classics work. as much as I like trying out some new ones occasionally the classics are classic for a reason ya know?