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You need a give yourself a break! Staying inside all day with your kids in tiresome and can lead to you being crabby and unfair. Learn to recognize where you patience ends and TAKE A BREAK! Whether it is going for a walk, taking your own nap, or going grocery shopping alone, find time to turn off the parent brain. Rested moms and dads are happy moms and dads :)
This seems so obvious - but is actually so hard to do! It's hard to conceptually accept sometimes that not giving everything and all of yourself all the time can actually be GOOD for your children.
I have to apply this to my co-teachers and students as well. It doesn't make you a bad person if you need personal time. It makes you an even better person if you can recognize it in yourself.
I agree with @timeturnerjones (and others), sometimes it can feel like there's so much you have to do you know? and if you aren't doing absolutely EVERYTHING you've failed at everything, but you can really only do so much.
A wonderful reminder, and one I'll probably need in a few months. Also a great point @ryantadman, this is useful to remember in all settings including professional. It's even a valuable lesson for children, if you learn early you can maintain healthy habits better.
Its so important to know the limits to your own patience! Not everyone can take "as much" as others
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