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I loved this Q&A with English editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour. She's cut-thoat and bossy, but she ought to be! While I'm not sure we agree on everything, I feel like she would be an incredible woman to spend the afternoon with. Her world is so wild! Here are some highlights: One fashion word you wished everyone would stop using: "Journey" Favorite season in New York City: Spring Uptown or Downtown (NYC): Downtown! How do you feel about Brooklyn: New Silicon Valley Who is you favorite action star: Hugh Jackman! Biggest phobia: Spiders What would you never wear: Head to toe black I especially loved Oscar De La Renta calling in to ask her what her favorite flowers are (tuberose)
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I love Anna! She's totally kooky but she really knows her stuff. I love that she was in motion for this whole video--she really never sits still!
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I've never seen anything about her actually, so this was really cool I love the way they did the interview.
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So fun, a true icon both for her fashion and professionalism, she's really an inspiration.
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I can't even imagine a day in her life!
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it's so natural
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