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Way back in 1845, British explorer Sir John Franklin set out to find, and navigate, the Northwest Passage. With him he took two ships, and 129 men, with the hopes of discovering a way to sail across the Arctic from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Not long into the expedition, Franklin, his men, and the ships disappeared, creating one of the great mysteries of that era. Now it has been found!! The Canadian government began searching for Franklin's ships in 2008 as part of a strategy to assert Canada's sovereignty over the Northwest Passage. Today, the Northwest Passage is a very real navigational route that opens for a few months each summer. Climate change has warmed the Arctic enough that the ice that once kept the Passage permanently sealed now gives way for ships to pass through. In Franklin's day however, the route was mostly a myth that a few explorers raced to discover. Franklin's ships were named the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Exactly which ship has been located is unclear, but a team of explorers using sonar have found, and positively identified, one of the vessels at the bottom of the Victoria Strait. They believe that locating the first ship will provide some clues as to where the second can be found as well. This is far from the first search attempt launched in the hopes of locating the ships. In the past, 3 bodies were found that were thought to be the crews. These bodies had high levels of lead in their systems, which made people believe that maybe the crew died of lead poisoning from their food supply. This has been the reigning theory, but now there might actually be some answers! We will probably never know the full tale, but at least there are some indications of what happened to the crew. Maybe next we will solve the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle :)
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I'm not sure what they expected if one of the ships was named Terror... jkjk lol but seriously this is really cool, I hope they're able to find the other ship. how would their food have gotten enough lead to kill them?
@AgentCory What I read that people suspected that but scientists dont thing there would have been enough in the food cans but maybe in the pipes on ship. @galinda Depending on what they find I bet there will be a movie!
This totally sounds like it came straight out of a movie..history is so cool!
woahhhh I didnt even know about this story. Kind of hilarous that they couldnt find it until Canada wanted to show off its power.....