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It's official: you can have your coffee, AND take a nap! Thank god no one told me this in college, or else I would have been drinking even more coffee (not sure that's possible) and taking more naps (that, I could have enjoyed more of). It seems that the best way to get the benefits of both a nap and a cup of coffee is to combine them. Step 1: Drink your coffee. Quickly. I'm going to recommend something iced, unless you've already scalded your tongue enough. You need to finish the coffee before you feel any of its affects. Step 2: Go to sleep. Get to sleep before your body starts to absorb the caffeine. Step 3: Get up. Wake up within 20 or 25 minutes, just as the caffeine starts to effect your body. You'll be refreshed from your nap, and begin to get the positive effects of the coffee you have consumed. Coffee naps. You're welcome?
As someone who takes a long time to fall asleep I'm not sure this would really work for me.
@peppermintt Sadly, no! Actually you should avoid any beverages with sugar in them (Americano, anyone?) for this method to be most effective. The sugar wakes you up faster than the caffeine, so you won't be able to sleep as well!
"I feel like I was shot out of a cannon" uhhhh
@jdlegend I mean, I have definitely felt similar effects as what is described, but I didn't do the research myself so I can't guarantee anything!
is this true?
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