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Can someone explain why I should hate Apple? Seriously, this is becoming a religion for Android users...
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@patrickballeux Hm! Looks like I did!
you shouldnt hate apple if you have no reason to. i have my reasons. i dont like the way Apple approaches things. i dont like the walled garden. i dont like the user interface of their devices. theres just a lot of stuff i dont like. but one of the biggest things i dont like has come to Android. the smug attitude of their users. now i know this doesnt apply to all, but im tired of hearing how great something is. like you said its a religion. now both sides have a cult. but if its tech you like, screw everyone elses opinion because in the end, there are no facts. just opinions when it comes to better or worse
@Noqturnal, well said. Personally, I prefer Apple for their global integration. It fits my daily needs. For my inner geek. I prefer Android as there are some cool stuff to do. In the end, it's about what I need not about what's best
@patrickballeux preferences are what make us individuals 馃槂