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This is an awesome video, and the story behind it is even more awesome! This guy decided to fly his drone in Beijing and get some cool footage, even if he now admits that was pretty stupid considering he didn't know any of the laws. For the most part, he went unscathed and police didn't seem to mind, but he unknowingly was going to film in an area of high security police buildings. Which is a no-no. This led to him being taken in for questioning, but with the help of his translating friend, he was able to show that he just wanted to show off the beauty of Beijing by sharing his full travel blog and photos he had taken. His drone was confiscated, but returned to him at the airport the day of his flight! It's great that we still got this video, but he should be a little smarter next time.
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Definitely on my list of must-visits!
@spudd Definitely lucky!!! Also lucky they liked his friend that was translating for him XD
@nokcha are they?! I've never seen one so idk
Drones are terrifying when you're looking up at them, but they capture beautiful shots!
I have certainly never seen Beijing from this angle before! I love all the people taking pictures of the drone ;)
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