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David Welsford restored an old, 28-feet boat from a scrap heap and took it around the world. Amazing! I can feel in every cell of my body that he is one of the happiest humans in this world. He has learned how to live, how to really live, on the edge doing the things he wants to do. “I think I understand money in my way, which is once you figure out how to make enough, then go and do the things that make you happy.”
I'm with @timeturnerjones. Love reading about it, but know I could never do it!
Truly inspirational! It's hard to imagine giving up living in a house with everything that goes with that, but when I see something like this is always puts things into perspective and makes me think about what's really important.
I dont think I'd be able to do it, but I envy his sense of adventure
Cool find @happyrock!
My friends did a smaller version of this. Not exactly the whole world, but all the way to Tahiti! He certainly is in for adventure :)
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