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Xiao Wen Ju. Face of Marc Jacobs, favorite of New York Fashion Week, Super Model. This girl has got it all! Including absolutely flawless skin. She shared a few of her beauty tips with vogue recently during fashion week and I can't believe how low-maintenance her routine is! She uses make-up remover and cleanser when she remembers to take off her makeup. Because she is so busy she often falls asleep with makeup only to wake up realizing her mistake. She wears sunblock everyday, with a heavy moisturizing component. She also uses a cream called Avene Skin Recovery Cream to protect her skin from the massive amounts of makeup her face has to handle while modelling. She only uses vaseline on her lips and she doesn't even use mascara! Just a lash curler! She also encourages people to eat whatever they want. Although she's a part of NYFW and many models might be juicing or dieting, she eats what she wants to eat. "It makes me happy." I think what we can get out of this is, less is often more.
Less is definitely more. Some people use far too many products to clean their skin when they just end up drying it out!
God she's gorgeous!
Stunning! I love how easy-going she sounds. I especially liked how she supports the occasional french fry ;)
She must have amazing genes because I make sure to never fall asleep with makeup on and still have acne AHHH!!!