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Channing Tatum Terrified of Dolls
In all honesty I have to agree with Channing on this one, porcelain dolls are pretty “freaky”. And the ones Ellen chose to help Channing confront his fears are like something out of a horror movie.
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He was literally in the fetal position om gHAHAHAA
3 years ago·Reply
Ugh, he's my fav. I swear he doesn't even act in She's The Man/21 Jump Street. He really is just a giant doofus hahahahaa
3 years ago·Reply
Oh no, the poor thing! I'm pretty afraid of dolls myself so I can sympathize.
3 years ago·Reply
@asparagus @WiviDemol @peppermintt @kristenadams totes agree XD @pixiedust I'm not afraid myself but the ones in the video are awful ><
3 years ago·Reply
She picked the scariest ones dear lord!!!!
3 years ago·Reply