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Sometimes it's good to remember that the Beatles weren't simply Serious Artists™—but that they were a highly commercial a franchise in the mid-sixties. The real thing was overwhelming enough, but the slew of official, unofficial, and bootleg merchandising that followed it, much of it aimed at children, makes the band’s dominance seem, well, kinda juvenile. One remnant of this time, before they managed to escape to the recording studio to create more psychedelic masterpieces: The Beatles, a half-hour Saturday morning cartoon show that ran on ABC from September, 1965 to September 1969 and produced a total of 39 episodes. No Beatle ever voiced his character on the show. Instead, American actor Paul Frees, as John and George, and British actor Lance Percival, as Paul and Ringo, imitated them, very badly. Watch all the episodes on this Youtube playlist.
@amog32 good to know!
@AgentCory It's not even bad it's fantastic!! @galinda I'm not sure if they've ever been on TV Land; I've just watched online.
Wait, why do I remember seeing this? I definitely wasn't alive yet..perhaps TV Land?
sweet!!! I used to love watching clips of these. nice find with the YT playlist :) @amog32
this sounds just bad enough to be incredible. all the episodes are you YT you say? >>
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